Asbestos is one of the deadliest substances millions of people are exposed to every day. Its presence largely depends on the time when the building was erected but it can be safely assumed that majority of constructions from between 1920s and 1980s should be thoroughly tested. Only this way it could be guaranteed that people living in certain dwellings do not face a high risk of contracting diseases such as asbestosis or lung cancer. Despite the fact that this material has long been banned, the range of its application was immense and it could be found in elements such as walls, ceilings, roofs or water tanks. This last one element will be the subject of this article. Asbestos residing in water tanks is the most cogent proof that people can often live terrifyingly close to the biggest of risks. Not to mention using the water that is in contact with this carcinogenic substance. However, that has been a reality for millions of people all over the world who have not had any proper checks done on their constructions. Such recklessness can be sometimes deadly in the long run, especially if you consider the fact that asbestos exposure can result in severe diseases even decades after the first contact. This is why it is so crucial to let this nagging issue be handled by a group of professionals who know their trade and all the risks involved. We have to admit that there are a lot of daredevils trying to handle the removal themselves but the scope and level of risks involved goes far beyond ordinary DIY. To give an example – not all people are in possession of vacuums with HEPA filters which are absolutely necessary in order to clean the area once all the works have been done. And that is so terribly crucial mostly because of the fact that when disturbed, the asbestos can easily become airborne and, due to that, inhalable. Even if you do not feel that your dwelling may contain asbestos, it is highly advisable to have appropriate tests done. If you happen to live next to it, there are professional removal companies ready to take matters into their hands and deal smoothly and effectively with all the issues arising. Regardless whether it is water tanks or other elements – you cannot go wrong with too much caution in this case. It is also of paramount importance to ensure that the hired contractor can present appropriate credentials or, best, some testimonials from other clients. After all, if there are matters worth investing money in to get them off your chest, that is certainly one of them.

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