Sometimes it happens so that the full survey of your dwelling is not required and there is only one suspected area. In such cases we often restrict our activity to asbestos sampling and testing only. These two steps are actually crucial if you want to receive a reliable estimation of the planned works and make sure that the there are no asbestos remnants left. Using Blue A Ltd services you can expect to receive the results within 48 hours.

Prices for asbestos testing – laboratory check

Asbestos Testing ServicePrice
Site visit with 1 sample£130
Every additional sample while on site£25
Please be advised that these prices serve only as a guide and are subject to VAT. Please contact us for an accurate cost. All samples are analysed by our accredited laboratory and returned within 24-48 hours.
We can usually price around 80% of jobs without the need for a site visit. In most cases we only need:
  • Client details
  • Address
  • Measurements of the product
  • Location within the building
  • Pictures (usually close-up of the product, picture of the whole product and picture of the space around it).
This information is invaluable when it comes to pricing. When enquiring about hours please ensure this information is provided so we can send you the most accurate, hassle-free quote as quickly as possible. If all relevant information is supplied we aim to provide a quote or estimate in as little as two hours.CONTACT BLUE ANALYTICAL