Signs You Might Need to Pay for Asbestos Sampling Services in London

This human carcinogen is banned in the United Kingdom, ever since asbestos guidelines were introduced back in 1985. The announcement of the dangers of asbestos led to its popularity quickly diminishing after being considered one of the most useful building materials for over 50 years. Even though it is no longer used for construction purposes, traces of it remain in many properties and structures. Being exposed to it could have a negative effect on your health, so pay attention to the following signs that indicate you may need help from asbestos sampling services in London.

Respiratory Problems

Perhaps the most obvious sign of asbestos inhalation is respiratory problems. Why is this, you ask? Well, asbestos is made up of many different fibres, which when disturbed will settle on the lining of the lungs. When this happens, coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing will occur and get progressively worse over time. Lung cancer is one of the long-term effects of asbestos exposure, so take it seriously if you feel that your lungs are not functioning quite like they used to.

Fluid on the Lungs

Asbestos, when unknowingly disturbed and left in poor condition, can cause fluid to build upon the lungs. Do you feel like you are trying to cough something up but are struggling to do so? If so, head to the doctors and arrange for an asbestos sampling service. A sampling of this kind will not just confirm that asbestos is the toxic material causing the problem but also, it will allow the contractor to figure out just how long the asbestos has been in the property for. The more intense the exposure, the bigger the risk of fluid on the lungs.

Fatigue and Chest Pain

Another symptom of asbestosis and other respiratory complications is fatigue. Should you be feeling tired and experience chest pain at the same time, get a check-up at the doctor’s. The lungs won’t be able to absorb oxygen as well if they are coated in fibrous asbestos particles, which can cause you to feel fatigued. The chest may also feel tight when you inhale, so be aware of the signs and arrange for an asbestos sampling to be carried out.