The Exacting Processes of Asbestos Removal in London

It is clear that asbestos needs to be removed in any structure where it is found to be present. Naturally, this cannot be carried out by untrained professionals, as the health risks are serious indeed. This is the primary reason why any asbestos removal in London (or other areas) needs to follow certain exacting protocols and only be carried out by highly skilled professionals. So, how is this accomplished?

The Vacuum Process

Asbestos removal in London need to be concerned with the public and the potential of releasing any fibres into the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, a specially designed type of vacuum known as a Class H vacuum can be used. This is a unit that is specifically geared towards removing asbestos safely without having any fibres break off during the process. Ordinary vacuums are never used.

Relocation of Any Residents – Asbestos Removal

If a building is currently occupied, it is first necessary to relocate these individuals into other areas a safe distance from where the asbestos was encountered. In addition to this precaution, the part of the building that is being worked on will be hermetically sealed off from other areas. This further minimises the chances of any fibres escaping outside of the safety zone. Once it has been determined that all of the asbestos has been removed, others may return to this location without being at any risk. So, any proper service that offers professional asbestos removal in London will keep this factor in mind when planning a strategy.

Sealing Off an Entire Building

There may be times when an entire structure needs to be closed off from the outside world. When referring to this, an example can be the closure of the Jussieu Campus. This work had begun in 1996 and lasted for over ten years. This will commonly be done in structures that are not in use but there may indeed be occasions when it is prudent to close down an occupied location for a certain period of time. Of course, asbestos removal in London will try to minimise this effect, as it can have drastic effects on the employees or residents of such a location. These are some of the main concerns that need to be taken into account during any such project. Above all, safety is the primary and issue.