The Process of Asbestos Removal in Aylesbury

As the owner of a business premises, you will undoubtedly want to take care of the property and even more so, its occupants. With so many buildings being known to have been constructed with asbestos-containing materials, otherwise known as ACMs, it is crucial that you take it upon yourself to hire someone for asbestos removal in Aylesbury. When asbestos goes undetected, the fibres can loosen and can be inhaled into the lungs. As a result, this can cause lung cancer and asbestos fibres to become present in the mucus, faeces and lungs. The longer you leave the material to break down inside your property, the higher the chances of demolition work or refurbishments being required. Let’s find out more about what exactly happens during asbestos removal in Aylesbury, so as to avoid hiring someone who is inexperienced.

Detecting the Asbestos

There are three main colours of asbestos that the professional who carries out asbestos removal in Aylesbury will be on the lookout for. These colours are brown, blue and white, with white being the least dangerous of them all. Once detected and sampled, the seriousness of the issue can be assessed. Only a competent surveyor will be able to spot a problem and not only should they be thinking about the detection of the material at this time but also, the techniques that may be required to dispose of asbestos with care.

Surveying and Removing the Asbestos

When you approach a company that specialises in performing asbestos removal in Aylesbury, the professional will carry out one of two surveys. These surveys are refurbishment surveys and demolition surveys. The extent of the problem will determine which survey is suitable but basically, a refurbishment will cost less, due to the fact that the hazardous material will simply need to be extracted from the premises. Should there be a lot of asbestos disturbance going on, then demolition will probably follow the survey.

Prevent Further Problems

If the work is done by the contractor in the right way, further problems can be avoided. Asbestos removal in Aylesbury is all about maintaining good knowledge, using the right techniques and considering the economic future. Asbestos awareness training is something that every industry expert will undergo and so, you can expect them to perform each job pertaining to the needs of the customer, the size of the property, the property’s age, etc. Management plans can be requested and when followed, there is less chance of further problems happening.