Things You Need to Know About Domestic Asbestos Removal in London

An asbestos survey is something that you need to hire a professional team to conduct if you are suspicious about asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your property. If traces of the naturally occurring fibrous substance are detected in your property, it is essential that it is removed safely and disposed of in the right way. Failure to get this work completed could result in your health and the health of others being put at risk, with asbestos being linked to mesothelioma and a wide range of respiratory conditions, such as shortness of breath and bronchitis. Whether it’s a pre-refurbishment job or a pre-demolition job that is set to be carried out, there are some things you should first know about domestic asbestos removal in London.

Analysing the Materials

Keep in mind that there is more than one type of asbestos out there and so, for the domestic asbestos removal in London to be a success, the materials need to be analysed. In order to do this, the team that you hire will take the suspected materials to a laboratory and once the results are obtained, the correct method of removal can go ahead.

Air Testing and Monitoring

You may not always be able to see that asbestos is present, because the fibres are so very small. For domestic asbestos removal in London to be conducted in the safest way possible, the air needs to be tested. Special equipment will be used for this and if particles of class A or class B asbestos are found to be circulating in the air, the team will wear masks to prevent inhalation. You may also be asked to do the same. By monitoring the air throughout the entire removal process, the team will be able to effectively tell if the clearance procedure was a success or not.