Turn to the Experts in Asbestos Surveying in London

Whether you are a homeowner in London and the surrounding areas or whether you own a commercial property, one thing that may be causing you concern is the possible presence of asbestos. We now know that asbestos is a dangerous and even potentially deadly material but in years gone by the dangers of this substance were not known and it was therefore used in a wide variety of applications including during the construction of properties. As a result, there are now many older properties in London and the surrounding areas that contain asbestos in various areas.

Of course, it can be difficult to definitively determine whether you have asbestos in your property and this is why it can prove helpful to have the assistance of experts in asbestos surveying in London. Professionals with expertise and experience in this field will be able to conduct a thorough survey of your property in order to determine if and where asbestos is present so that appropriate action can be taken.

Different types of asbestos survey from BLUE A Limited

There are a number of different types of survey that are offered by our experts in asbestos surveying in London. Your circumstances will help to determine which of these is going to be best suited to your needs but when you speak to experts and provide them with key details they will be able to offer advice on the most suitable one for your needs.

One type of survey that is offered by our professionals is a management survey, which is the standard survey to determine the presence and level of Asbestos Containing Materials in the property. This survey is not as intrusive as other asbestos surveys and can help to provide you with valuable information relating to the management and maintenance of any asbestos within the property.

How we can help

There is also a more comprehensive survey available from our experts and this is used in the event that the property will be undergoing major renovations or will be demolished. In order to ensure that there is no contamination during renovation or demolition, it is vital that a survey is conducted so that asbestos can be identified. This is a far more comprehensive survey and it is important that this is performed before works such as these are carried out.

You can speak to our professionals with details about your property if you want to arrange for an asbestos survey to be carried out, and this will enable you to benefit from expert advice regarding which survey is best for your needs.