Types of Asbestos Survey

Is your face or neck swelling? Are you coughing a lot or dealing with respiratory conditions? If so, these are some signs that you may be exposed to asbestos fibres, which can cause a broad spectrum of health-related problems when inhaled. Hopefully, you haven’t yet noticed any symptoms and simply want to get your property inspected so should there be an asbestos problem, it can be dealt with! An asbestos surveyor will perform a number of tasks whilst visiting your residence to determine what type of asbestos is present (if any), the extent and condition etc. Let’s learn more about the types of asbestos survey one can expect after getting in touch with the experts.

Management Asbestos Survey

With this type of survey, a building will be regularly inspected to determine its condition in regards to the presence of asbestos. Some small specimens may be left and monitored, so long as they are not disturbed and do not pollute the air. Expect the work to be fairly non-intrusive, but do expect some slight disruptions as the people carrying out an asbestos survey use specific tools and equipment to access certain areas. These areas may include ceilings and surface ducts.

Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

A refurbishment asbestos survey will likely involve a more in-depth look at the property to discover any asbestos-containing materials that may otherwise not be discovered until refurbishment or demolition work has already started. Dismantling and the disassembling of furniture might take place at this time, as well as samples taken from walls, partitions and maybe under floorboards. It’s pretty hectic work, but it is worth it when you consider the fact that it could save your health.

Demolition Asbestos Survey

When undertaking any kind of demolition project, an asbestos demolition survey MUST be in place before works commence. This is due to the fact that any asbestos-containing materials may be buried deep in the fabric of the building and may go undiscovered until after works have started. Arrange for a professional to conduct a thorough inspection of your property, both inside and outside, before you sign any contracts for asbestos removal to commence so that you can make a decision in confidence.