What Is an Asbestos Survey in London?

Asbestos exposure – it is something that everyone should be thinking about in today’s day and age. Even though the use of asbestos for building purposes has diminished greatly since it was discovered to cause a hazard to health in the 1940s, millions of properties worldwide still have traces of asbestos in them. For this reason, it is essential that an asbestos survey in London is carried out, prior to purchasing a property or working in an environment where you may be liable for the health and safety of employees. A survey of this kind is particularly important in shipyards, areas where construction work is being carried out and in general manufacturing industries. Understanding what happens during a survey will enable you to choose the right team for the job, so enlighten yourself, why don’t you?

The Location

If your property is right out in the sticks, it will be more difficult for the Asbestos Survey company carrying out an asbestos survey in London to access it. Think about this when setting out a budget, as well as the size of your property. When the renovating or demolishing survey is carried out, the square footage will be determined and the location(s) where asbestos is suspected to be present will be inspected. It is pretty safe to say that properties constructed over 40 years ago may contain large traces of asbestos-containing products (ACS), so chances are that the surveyor will spend a large portion of time inspecting every area possible.

The Condition

For the lucky property homeowner, an asbestos survey in London may return good results, in the sense that the condition of the asbestos may not be damaged or need to be removed. It is when the fibres detach from one another that a problem arises. The location and condition of the asbestos will be noted down, with this information being reported. Preventative measures will then be taken and the surveyor may get in contact with an environmental health officer to get a second opinion about the condition of the asbestos.

The Quantity

It is crucial that you are aware of the quantity of asbestos if you are planning a renovation or demolition because high quantities of the material, when disturbed, will pollute the environment. Protective equipment and clothing will be worn by the team who carry out an asbestos survey in London. The bigger the quantity, the longer the clean-up process will be, so factor this into the price.