What is Asbestos Management Survey?

In buildings constructed before 2000, there is a chance your establishment was built with asbestos-containing materials. We have a legal duty to ourselves and those around us to protect our health against this silent killer. A practical approach to locating the presence of asbestos is undergoing an Asbestos Management Survey. Everyone is at risk, and if asbestos carrying material is disturbed the risk becomes greater. There are steps you can take to help prevent this deadly health risk under your care and responsibility.

Survey Steps

At Blue A LTD we suggest gathering as much information as you can about your building such as a list of previous owners and tenants and a blueprint if possible. The asbestos management survey consists of several steps. The steps identify if an asbestos problem exists, and offer a risk assessment for registration with the proper authorities. Your specialist walks through and examines your building, and judges the condition of any suspicious asbestos-containing materials.

Survey Work

Some minor intrusive work is done which involves taking samples from existing materials. An analysis follows to determine whether asbestos-containing materials in the building are in the condition to release their health-harming fibres into the air. The survey identifies any materials at risk, and it offers a guide for their management. Surveys also include presuming the presence of airborne threats due to conditions and age of the building. Blue A LTD reminds you that disturbing asbestos is dangerous, and should not be attempted without proper safety precautions.

Survey Results

After each material containing asbestos is noted, and its potential risk assessed. The asbestos survey results will determine your asbestos management plan. The plan is an outline intended to help you manage your asbestos problem, and how to minimize the risks that it poses. The risk assessment will be documented with an asbestos register and outlines how to best deal with the risk. Your specialist helps you through the registration steps.

Asbestos identification is dangerous and difficult to find. Training and protective clothing help lower risks of working with asbestos, and Blue A LTD urges you to review Section 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HSW Act) to identify your duties and help you understand the risks.