Why You Should Choose HSE Licensed Asbestos Contractor In London

In years gone by, very little was known about the dangers of asbestos exposure. This is why the material was often used by the building and construction industry in everything from boilers and piping to ceiling tiles and more. Its fire retardant properties coupled with its cost-effectiveness made it a popular choice for construction companies. However, what many didn’t realise was that this material was hazardous and exposure to its dust or fibres could cause serious illness or even death.

Of course, now that the dangers of this material have become widely known there are strict health and safety regulations in place in relation to its handling. The removal and disposal of asbestos have to adhere to these regulations, as otherwise there is a risk of contamination. In order to ensure that all regulations are adhered to when it comes to removal or disposal of the material from your London property, it is highly advisable to use the services of HSE licensed asbestos contractors.

Enjoy greater peace of mind

Using HSE licensed asbestos contractors means that you will be able to benefit from far greater peace of mind. Whether you require asbestos removal and disposal services at your London home or your commercial property, you can rest easy in the knowledge that all health and safety regulations are being adhered to. It is vital that these regulations are followed to the letter, as failure to do so could pose many risks to your health, the health of others and to the environment. HSE and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 have to be followed and failing to do this could result in serious penalties.

Fully licensed asbestos contractors

At Blue A Ltd, we are proud to not only be HSE licensed asbestos contractors but also offer years of experience and expertise to London customers. In addition to this licensing, Blue A is also a member of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association, a Registered Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency, and a CHAS accredited contractor. The variety of services that we offer are carried out by highly trained professionals with the skills, expertise, knowledge and equipment that is necessary to carry out this type of work. You can, therefore, be certain that we not only strictly adhere to regulations issued by the Health & Safety Executive but that we also carry out a professional and thorough job.